Judith Monroe

I’m Judith, a mixed media artist with a strong background in traditional and alternative process photographic techniques. I have incorporated mixed media into my photography since the 1980’s; beginning in my college years, I have traveled on a journey of independent study, constantly expanding my knowledge and gradually bringing more collage, writing, and drawing into my finished pieces.

The resulting imagery is a lot like my personal journal pages, with dominating photos that bleed into color and texture; hidden treasures of text and sketches wait for the viewer to discover them. My artworks contain multiple layers of physical materials, representing layers of meaning; beginning with black and white photographs that stand in for the physical world, I add layers of collage, color and text that represent the spiritual world, giving our physical world meaning and substance.

Being an artist of faith has given me the opportunity to belong to several communities of religious artists, including Christians in the Visual Arts. I have also led faith and art groups locally and I meet often with a small group of my artist friends that call ourselves The Art Q.

My art has won numerous awards at community and religious art festivals and contests and was even featured in an episode of “That’s Clever” on HGTV in 2005. My pieces have been described by collectors as “conversations with Nature,” and are said to invoke “not only a feeling, but also an entire environment that surrounds the viewer and captures the heart.” My art captures the beautiful and complex relationship between humanity, nature, and God.

The redeeming love of God is central to my captivating and colorful art. My artwork is very much an extension of my spiritual life. My work can be an expression of worship, of prayer or meditation. I always want people to see redemption, beauty and transformation in my art, to feel love and peace.

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